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venerdì 28 novembre 2014

Michelle's perfect feet and face. A week of shootings.

I had a shooting date with Michelle in the city center for doing some photo sessions for a foot fetish glamour artistic site. I was just waiting her on my bike thinking to the kind of photos to do while she arrived smiling. Well, when she was close to me I was finally able to see how beautiful this babe was. Michelle's body is perfect and her face is one of the cutest I've seen in my life. I took this first shot at her eyes and she was quite embarassed.

We walked a little around and I started to take the first shoots on a plaza asking her to take off her shoes and show to the camera her soles. 

After some photos I asked her if she likes bikes and she replied to me: "I love bikes", and so I gave her an helmet and we went on the river where it was a very nice boat. This was our second background for the shooting series.

I asked Michelle to play with her feet and she started to lick her toes with love.

After some footsie play Michelle turned back, showed her soles to me and looking with her high sensuality asked me: "Would You like to smell my soles?"

After many more photo series we moved on a Park where it was a fountain and she started to play with her tongue on the water smiling to me

Finally Michelle was laying on the grass and posed several times showing her soles and huge boobs on camera. She was simply perfect.

I asked Michelle to continue the sessions for all the weekend and She replied "why not?". So we moved by bike going to the sea and around wonderful fields and towns for 4 days more. 

And here below a small frame of a serie of 4 pages close to the Genova sea.

It was a fantastic photo-vacation during which we had a lot of fun. We moved to Toscany where we did sessions on Chianti among grapefruits and glasses of wine. A week among toes, soles, shoes, sandals, stockings and footsies.

I reported hundreds shots on site for several weeks. A photo vacation I will never forget ;-) Of course Michelle is still a model for feetforstyle.

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