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martedì 25 novembre 2014

Below Ariel's feet and soles

Around north Europe there are a lot of wonderful places. North girls have something special about their feet: they simply take care of them and like to show them on camera. We were on a very nice bridge with Ariel and the city was quite desert, so we had a lot of time to choose the best locations and poses for series. 

Ariel was looking at the camera with her fantastic green eyes while moving up and down her perfect soles. I explained her that for each series I need about 400 to 800 photos to choose from to post on feetforstyle. So we started to shoot and soon I asked her to dominate my camera with her feet. She started to play with the camera and I began my work...

 I wondered about her great sensuality: she was like dreaming posing in a perfect way. Yeah, I definitely loved this model. 

Ariel told me that the next day she had to go on a close city and I wondered because it was the same city where me and my girlfriend had to go. So we made a date for the next day and there we had many other sessions. One of these days I'll post some other adventure with Her. When we went to her house for writing the photographic disclosure she was walking barefoot around the room and she was continuously showing us her toes and soles. We should remember that in nordical places people walk barefoot at home leaving the shoes at the entrance. I love nordic contries. Yeah!

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