martedì 18 novembre 2014

Amanda outdoor casting

On Sunday morning we went around for some photos with a cute babe named Amanda and Steve, another photographer. We did a lot of photos for motorcicles reseller advertising and we were coming back. At a certain moment I just asked Amanda: " I saw your feet and they are very cute so can I shoot some photos in my car ? I cooperate for one of the biggest 
foot fetish sites on the net named and maybe you could pose for it".  Amanda told me that she likes showing her feet and she likes painting her toenails in dark colors.

So I asked to show me something nice...
Amanda started to pose placing her smelly soles on my camera's lenses so much that I had to clean the lenses twice ;-)

What I liked during this short casting was that she started to play with her toes on a parfum's bottle placed below the car's glass and then she smiling 
asked me: 'is this a footjob?'. 
That was great! Here below her toe playing around the bottle's head ;-)

In this session we did a lot of photos and I told her : ok, now you are ready. 
After that we made a date for the next day and she became a model for the site  ... lovely Amanda...yeah

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