sabato 22 novembre 2014

A cute blonde girl exibitionist about her feet

Years ago I went to disco with friends. I was just relaxing drinking a cocktail  when I noted a cute blonde laying barefoot on a coach. 

I just started to take some pictures with my phone  at her and she took her sandal in his hand and started to smell it. 

I wondered about her smile and so I asked her to pose a little for me. She showed me her toes sign on her sandals telling me: they stink a little, I like my feet's smell. 

I asked Gloria: "Do you like when men look at your feet?". She replied to me that she became wet everytime she noted some nice guy looking at her legs and toes revealing to me to be a foot exibitionist. I asked her to come with me the next day just to take some foot pictures and we went together to the beach where we had the opportunity to know better each other.

After many foot photos she asked me to lick her feet and, of course, I did it.

Then, after a warm day we felt in love and we decided to play together with a footjob and then making love on the beach. Well, that was my first experience as a foot photographer. Of course that was an adventure and not a photo-session and usually I don't play with models. Models are models and the work as a photographer for should not involve anything else than photos. But in my free time I met a lot of girls proud of their feet and sometimes can happen to play footsie. Then when we feel reciprocal attraction the footsie can transforms into making love.

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