martedì 18 novembre 2014

Andrea feet and Rome's outdoor fetish session

I was in Rome for some urban photo documentation. When I was looking around I met Andrea, a cute girl with fantastic blue eyes and a stunning body. I told her about the site asking to pose for me a little in the grass.  

Andrea revealed to be very sensual and her feet are soft and well shaped. Her foot size 38 is perfect for every photo. As well as Rome offers a great variety of places and stunning backgrounds we decided together to move around Rome. It was one of the most sensual photos series I did in the past.
From the Tevere river she started to show me her perfect soles and then she began to kiss and lick her soles and toes. I felt the sensation as she was really loving her feet.

When we arrived at the Gianicolo's hill, Andrea revealed me to be the queen of Rome, placing her sandals over the city!

It was very late and dark when we did the last photo session for and Andrea was simply a fantastic foot model when she started to do a strip-tease of her stockings showing her bare soles in my car. 

At a certain moment Police arrived asking us what we were doing. Well, I shown them to be a photographer and that she was only a nice model and not a prostitute, of course. Police told me that some places during the night could be dangerous and I told them: "the most dangerous person is Andrea at the moment" ... They smiled and went away leaving us to finish our work. Well, in that day I did more than 800 photos for about 10 series for the site. 
Thanks again Andrea, we'll do many more sessions soon....

The Andrea's photos can be found at

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