lunedì 24 novembre 2014

A wonderful foot fetish day on the beach

During autumn the sea is fantastic and romantic. The last weekend we went just for a walk and I took my camera knowing that the beach is a perfect background for photography during this season. Michelle just placed her feet in the sand and I started to take the first photos at her wet lower extremities playing. So I began another serie for .... 

Then we had a long walk but Michelle's soles were dirty of some dark oil found on the beach. So we had the idea to take some at the dirty stuff. She was sitting on an old tree branch and I started to take a lot of  Point of View photos at her extremities. She asked me: "do you think someone can like my feet this way?". I replied "Yes, this is also foot-fetish".

After our great photo sessions and several shots she was looking at me and she told me: "I want to clean my soles"...

Not jet, I told...let me take hundreds of photos, I have to work for the site :)
Well, in the afternoon late we finally stopped this sea session.

It was a perfect session. Thanks again Michelle! 

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