domenica 23 novembre 2014

Monika Vesela foot fetish in Prague

Monika Vesela is a famous Czech model who worked for the most famous glamour sites on the net. I contacted her through a models agency and we met on a sunny morning in Prague. I just explained her the kind of photos to do for the glamour foot-fetish site . She revealed herself since the first shots as sensual, kind and really cute. We took a taxi and then we started to shoot our 800 photos for the feetforstyle site series around the city.

At first we went on a nice bar on the river and she performed showing soles and playing with a glass of beer with her cute toes.

I must admit that the taxi driver was continuously looking at her and seemed to be more interested in her poses than in my photography :D

We had a lot of fun moving from road to road and taking photos everywhere. Then, just for some more hot photos we moved to one nice hotel on the roofs of Prague and we did one of the best series for the site.

Monika was wearing stockings, socks, sandals. Then she started to play with a wine bottle through a fine footjob and then posed laying down on the bed rising her legs in the pose showing her wonderful soles. She is a fantastic model and her body is highly sexy. Yeah, Monika. I'll photograph again this cute girl. 

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