sabato 15 novembre 2014

Hotel casual foot session

It was a cold winter day and I was in berlin in a very nice hotel. While I was going to the breakfast room I noted a very cute girl laying with her bare feet upstairs on a transparent floor. I had my camera and I started to shoot some photos at her.

She noted me taking photos and I just asked her to reach me downstairs to have a little talk about modeling.

She introduced herself as Ariel, 22 years old, and smiling she asked me why I was taking photos of her soles. She asked me if I like her feet and I replied her that she has the cutest feet I had ever seen. I told her to be a foot photographer working for a foot fetish site named and I just asked if  she could pose showing her soles and feet for some sessions.
She told me to be proud of her feet and that she likes when someone looks at her bare soles and so we started our first foot session together.

In the following days I did many outdoor sessions to Ariel and still today I remember very well her sweet soles smell and her fantastic smile. Ariel is one of the hottest girls I have ever met in foot photography.  

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