martedì 17 marzo 2015

Smelly soles and very cute face ;-)

Sometimes it's great to be a foot photographer. Many visitors asked me if sometimes I met some models having smelly feet. Well, normally I don't care about the smell of my models feet, also because I have to be professional. However some years ago, during one of sessions I was with a wonderful american model named Michelle. 

We went on the beach close to Genova after a long gym shoes wolking. I asked Michelle to start to pose and she looking at me smiling and told me "I wolked for long time with my gym shoes and I think that my feet can smell".

I went close with my camera and I started to take some close-up photos. Then, I told her smiling "Well, I think that your feet smell good".

Michelle looked at me as a dominant girl and told me: "If you like, the next time I can walk for more time before the photo session, so my feet will be much more smelly"

Well, this was one of my photo sessions. During the last 3 years I did many foot sessions with Michelle. Visitors can see some samples. Members will have full access to the site with more than 20thousands of foot related shoots.

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