venerdì 6 febbraio 2015

Amanda and Cassandra and a very sensual afternoon

Me and my friend Amanda went to find Cassandra at her home. Amanda is a model from since some mounths ago and she liked to introduce me her best friend saying 'Cassandra has very cute feet and perfect boobs'. 

When we met Cassandra I asked her to pose a little for me just showing her nice soles. She was very shy at the first and so I had to work a lot in order to convince her to show me something more than a hidden face :)

After some outdoor photos we went home and she started to be more familiar with her feet

I just asked her: can You lick your feet babe? And She replied ;'of course, I like the smell of my feet'.

Well, I had an idea: why don't let these wonderful models lick each others feet and toes?
And Yes, they liked so much the idea. The atmosphere was so hot !!!

After that they were so fantastic together that I left them to do what they liked more, just leaving the show to go on by itself. And the sessions on  had a lot of success.

Yeah, these babes are fantastic.

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