sabato 11 aprile 2015

Elena and Claudia feet licking and smelling

It was a very nice August night and I decided to do some photos to my friends. I asked Claudia and Elena to come with me for some foot fetish series to place on the feetforstyle site. 
After a long walk we reached a very nice place and we started to drink some beer, just to make a worm athmosphere. After one hour of  foot related talks I asked Elena to take off  the Claudia's sandals and Claudia, smiling, told her : "Be careful babe, I walked a lot and so my feet could smell".
Elena looked at Claudia and told her "Don't worry honey, I like foot taste".

Elena started to sniff and lick the Claudia's toes and soles and drink after drink the play was going almost erotic. Elena worked slightly with her tongue piercing over the soles of Claudia placing her tongue between her perfect toes.

Claudia was enjoying a lot the Elena's worship and they started to caress each other's legs and feet. 

Claudia was starting to be really happy about that, she looked at me and asked me to taste  Elena's feet. So I gave some little kisses to both of their soles. Yeah, I still remember their slight smell. Of course the full series of photos with their visible face are on the site and there You can see also many other Claudia and Elena shootings. 

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