mercoledì 3 dicembre 2014

Eva, top-model's foot-fetish series

The first time I met Eva it was during the "Pitti Donna" show at the Firenze's Fortezza da Basso. "Pitti Donna" is a fashion famous meeting where top-models from all the world come to dress new stylists collections. Well, I went close to Eva and I started to tell her that I liked her sandals and feet. She started to smile asking "do you like only my feet?"...and we became friends. One mounth later I invited Eva to pose for me for the site. She was enthusiast about the idea of showing people her feet through stylish glamour photographic sets. We met in a nice place close to the fortress and I started to take some outdoor shots both with my i-phone and camera, just for relaxing and having some fun together.

As well as it was a winter day when Eva started to dress her skirt she was cold and so we went around to find some indoor place. We discovered a house furniture big shop and so we asked the owner the permit to take some photos inside. The old man replied us "Which kind of photos? We have customers inside". Eva smiling just told him "No problem, we just take some foot-fetish photos" and the old man, thinking that she was just making fun, gave us the permit to stay inside for our shooting session.

After some shots Eva started to do some foot action and she became minute after minute much more sexy and hot. She confided me that one of her preferred massage is the soles massage that makes her relaxed and she told me that she likes when boyfriends worship her feet. And she started to show me the right way....yeah!

So, pose after pose, Eva kissed, licked and bited her toes while showing to my camera her perfect legs and feet.

It was afternoon late and we were just finishing our thousand photos series when a funny boy, son of the owner of the place, came close to us telling me "I love photos, can I see some shoot?" and he took my camera looking at the monitor. After some seconds he told Eva: "Oh my God, you are always with your feet in mouth". And Eva, taking off her sandals and showing him her soles, told him "Yes, would You like to try the nice taste and smell ?". After that we started again the last shooting session with this boy always looking at Eva's legs and feet. I think that He was dreaming Eva for all the night long.

After that session Eva and me became great friends and we still work together for the site and frequently we lough a lot thinking again to the funny boy and his face while looking at this Eva's foot-fetish session.

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