martedì 2 dicembre 2014

Amanda's hot foot fetish moments

Amanda is a cute Italian babe having perfect feet. She likes to tease people with her soles and her look makes this girl a perfect domination hottie. 

Amanda is perfect when she looks at the camera as she asks someone to clean her soles and sit below her lower extremities.

Yesteday we met for a foot fetish session on the site and I started to take some shots at her as usual starting from some soles show in front of camera. While I was shooting Amanda started spontaneously to lick her toes and soles with her cute pierced tongue. I took the video-camera and I began to take her sweet moments on the bed. She started to speach telling "If noone licks my feet then I'll do by myself" and at the same time I was thinking: "Yes, she is a hot babe".

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