sabato 11 aprile 2015

Elena and Claudia feet licking and smelling

It was a very nice August night and I decided to do some photos to my friends. I asked Claudia and Elena to come with me for some foot fetish series to place on the feetforstyle site. 
After a long walk we reached a very nice place and we started to drink some beer, just to make a worm athmosphere. After one hour of  foot related talks I asked Elena to take off  the Claudia's sandals and Claudia, smiling, told her : "Be careful babe, I walked a lot and so my feet could smell".
Elena looked at Claudia and told her "Don't worry honey, I like foot taste".

Elena started to sniff and lick the Claudia's toes and soles and drink after drink the play was going almost erotic. Elena worked slightly with her tongue piercing over the soles of Claudia placing her tongue between her perfect toes.

Claudia was enjoying a lot the Elena's worship and they started to caress each other's legs and feet. 

Claudia was starting to be really happy about that, she looked at me and asked me to taste  Elena's feet. So I gave some little kisses to both of their soles. Yeah, I still remember their slight smell. Of course the full series of photos with their visible face are on the site and there You can see also many other Claudia and Elena shootings. 

martedì 17 marzo 2015

Smelly soles and very cute face ;-)

Sometimes it's great to be a foot photographer. Many visitors asked me if sometimes I met some models having smelly feet. Well, normally I don't care about the smell of my models feet, also because I have to be professional. However some years ago, during one of sessions I was with a wonderful american model named Michelle. 

We went on the beach close to Genova after a long gym shoes wolking. I asked Michelle to start to pose and she looking at me smiling and told me "I wolked for long time with my gym shoes and I think that my feet can smell".

I went close with my camera and I started to take some close-up photos. Then, I told her smiling "Well, I think that your feet smell good".

Michelle looked at me as a dominant girl and told me: "If you like, the next time I can walk for more time before the photo session, so my feet will be much more smelly"

Well, this was one of my photo sessions. During the last 3 years I did many foot sessions with Michelle. Visitors can see some samples. Members will have full access to the site with more than 20thousands of foot related shoots.

venerdì 6 febbraio 2015

Amanda and Cassandra and a very sensual afternoon

Me and my friend Amanda went to find Cassandra at her home. Amanda is a model from since some mounths ago and she liked to introduce me her best friend saying 'Cassandra has very cute feet and perfect boobs'. 

When we met Cassandra I asked her to pose a little for me just showing her nice soles. She was very shy at the first and so I had to work a lot in order to convince her to show me something more than a hidden face :)

After some outdoor photos we went home and she started to be more familiar with her feet

I just asked her: can You lick your feet babe? And She replied ;'of course, I like the smell of my feet'.

Well, I had an idea: why don't let these wonderful models lick each others feet and toes?
And Yes, they liked so much the idea. The atmosphere was so hot !!!

After that they were so fantastic together that I left them to do what they liked more, just leaving the show to go on by itself. And the sessions on  had a lot of success.

Yeah, these babes are fantastic.

mercoledì 3 dicembre 2014

Eva, top-model's foot-fetish series

The first time I met Eva it was during the "Pitti Donna" show at the Firenze's Fortezza da Basso. "Pitti Donna" is a fashion famous meeting where top-models from all the world come to dress new stylists collections. Well, I went close to Eva and I started to tell her that I liked her sandals and feet. She started to smile asking "do you like only my feet?"...and we became friends. One mounth later I invited Eva to pose for me for the site. She was enthusiast about the idea of showing people her feet through stylish glamour photographic sets. We met in a nice place close to the fortress and I started to take some outdoor shots both with my i-phone and camera, just for relaxing and having some fun together.

As well as it was a winter day when Eva started to dress her skirt she was cold and so we went around to find some indoor place. We discovered a house furniture big shop and so we asked the owner the permit to take some photos inside. The old man replied us "Which kind of photos? We have customers inside". Eva smiling just told him "No problem, we just take some foot-fetish photos" and the old man, thinking that she was just making fun, gave us the permit to stay inside for our shooting session.

After some shots Eva started to do some foot action and she became minute after minute much more sexy and hot. She confided me that one of her preferred massage is the soles massage that makes her relaxed and she told me that she likes when boyfriends worship her feet. And she started to show me the right way....yeah!

So, pose after pose, Eva kissed, licked and bited her toes while showing to my camera her perfect legs and feet.

It was afternoon late and we were just finishing our thousand photos series when a funny boy, son of the owner of the place, came close to us telling me "I love photos, can I see some shoot?" and he took my camera looking at the monitor. After some seconds he told Eva: "Oh my God, you are always with your feet in mouth". And Eva, taking off her sandals and showing him her soles, told him "Yes, would You like to try the nice taste and smell ?". After that we started again the last shooting session with this boy always looking at Eva's legs and feet. I think that He was dreaming Eva for all the night long.

After that session Eva and me became great friends and we still work together for the site and frequently we lough a lot thinking again to the funny boy and his face while looking at this Eva's foot-fetish session.

martedì 2 dicembre 2014

Amanda's hot foot fetish moments

Amanda is a cute Italian babe having perfect feet. She likes to tease people with her soles and her look makes this girl a perfect domination hottie. 

Amanda is perfect when she looks at the camera as she asks someone to clean her soles and sit below her lower extremities.

Yesteday we met for a foot fetish session on the site and I started to take some shots at her as usual starting from some soles show in front of camera. While I was shooting Amanda started spontaneously to lick her toes and soles with her cute pierced tongue. I took the video-camera and I began to take her sweet moments on the bed. She started to speach telling "If noone licks my feet then I'll do by myself" and at the same time I was thinking: "Yes, she is a hot babe".

sabato 29 novembre 2014

Jamie's smelly stockinged soles

Jamie is a very cute model. We met in my house for a foot session based on stockings tease and soles in face session. While she was taking off her gym shoes and socks she revealed to me "I am sorry, I just finished an aerobics session so probably my feet are smelling. 

Jamie placed her sole on my face and I told her: "No problems, your soles smell", and she looked at me smiling starting to wear her stockings. Jamie's feet are really cute and her high arches reveal her to be a gymnast and a disco professional dancer.

This babe is really a cutie, always smiling and always super-hot...Yeah

venerdì 28 novembre 2014

Michelle's perfect feet and face. A week of shootings.

I had a shooting date with Michelle in the city center for doing some photo sessions for a foot fetish glamour artistic site. I was just waiting her on my bike thinking to the kind of photos to do while she arrived smiling. Well, when she was close to me I was finally able to see how beautiful this babe was. Michelle's body is perfect and her face is one of the cutest I've seen in my life. I took this first shot at her eyes and she was quite embarassed.

We walked a little around and I started to take the first shoots on a plaza asking her to take off her shoes and show to the camera her soles. 

After some photos I asked her if she likes bikes and she replied to me: "I love bikes", and so I gave her an helmet and we went on the river where it was a very nice boat. This was our second background for the shooting series.

I asked Michelle to play with her feet and she started to lick her toes with love.

After some footsie play Michelle turned back, showed her soles to me and looking with her high sensuality asked me: "Would You like to smell my soles?"

After many more photo series we moved on a Park where it was a fountain and she started to play with her tongue on the water smiling to me

Finally Michelle was laying on the grass and posed several times showing her soles and huge boobs on camera. She was simply perfect.

I asked Michelle to continue the sessions for all the weekend and She replied "why not?". So we moved by bike going to the sea and around wonderful fields and towns for 4 days more. 

And here below a small frame of a serie of 4 pages close to the Genova sea.

It was a fantastic photo-vacation during which we had a lot of fun. We moved to Toscany where we did sessions on Chianti among grapefruits and glasses of wine. A week among toes, soles, shoes, sandals, stockings and footsies.

I reported hundreds shots on site for several weeks. A photo vacation I will never forget ;-) Of course Michelle is still a model for feetforstyle.